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Grants Course

Grants Management Overview

calendar icon greyJune 28 - 30, 2022

David Rykken

The Grants Management Overview course will provide updated information about grants guidance, including the responsibilities of recipients and key tasks that must be completed during the project period.  This course will be most informative for administrative and program staff who do not have extensive experience in grants management.

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Audit Course

Developing and Presenting Audit Findings

calendar icon greyJuly 11 - 16, 2022

Drummond Kahn

A key challenge in reporting the results of performance audits is to formulate the report message from the audit data. An additional challenge is to then compile and sequence the audit facts to support that message. Using alternative methods, gain hands-on practice in marshaling the evidence from your audit into findings that answer the audit objectives and present the details in an understanding and convincing manner. Using case exercises, learn to develop findings for compliance, process and control, accomplishment, and impact audits. Students will present a finding developed during an integrated case study.

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Leadership Course

Introduction to Project Management

calendar icon greyJuly 18 - 22, 2022

Clarissa Corbin, PMP

Project Management is a high-demand professional skill in business.  You can’t look at a job description without seeing project management skills preferred or required.  This class is a great introduction to what project management is and what project management does.  This class uses a hands-on interactive approach to teach the high-level techniques needed to manage a project from concept to conclusion.  

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Audit Course

Compliance Auditing

calendar icon greyJuly 18 - 20, 2022

Drummond Kahn

Legislators, public officials and others expect that audits are conducted to ensure compliance with authoritative requirements. Learn the different kinds of compliance audits that might be made, including compliance with regulatory guidelines, contract and grant agreements, conformance with quality requirements, and compliance with established procedures and controls. Learn what auditors might do when they find that authoritative requirement does not produce the desire results. Also, learn the circumstances when a compliance audit might not be appropriate. Through case study exercises, practice a step-by-step process for conducting compliance audits and learn how compliance findings may differ from findings for traditional performance audits.

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Finance Course

Introduction to Financial Management

calendar icon greyJuly 26 - 28, 2022

Jeanne Yamamura, CPA, Ph.D.

This 3-day virtual course addresses managerial controls in the government's financial management system. The budget process and reltated budgetary controls will be revieweved as well as their incorporation into the government information systems.

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