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Seizing New Opportunities and Navigating Emerging Risks

June 08 - 10, 2021

10:00 a.m.

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Seizing New Opportunities and Navigating Emerging Risks

calendar icon greyJune 08 - 10, 2021

10:00 a.m.


This course is designed for public audit professionals managing and delivering statutory financial and investigative audits where Yellow Book standards are used.

Course Description Course Description

The course covers the impact and value potential of government performance auditing in a comprehensive approach over three three-hour days (9 CPE). Using a wide range of examples and case studies, participants will be able to apply course concepts to their audit work immediately. The course will emphasize concepts and ideas related to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, political and social unrest in the United States, and technological innovation on government auditing. The course will allow participants to share examples and ask real-time questions through the virtual format. The primary focus of the training is for government auditors to enhance the value and impact of their important performance audit work. The course is intended for all levels of audit experience. 

The course is comprised of four topics including The Art and Science of Government Auditing, exploring theoretical aspects of performance auditing. Areas covered include defining performance auditing, the history and evolution of performance auditing, the promise, importance, and impact potential of performance auditing, a review of key Government Auditing Standards with a specific focus on documenting internal controls, and a discussion of current external threats to government audit functions.

A second course objective focuses on Building and Maintaining a Strong Audit Culture, including strategies and approaches for developing and leading high performance audit teams. This session will explore strategies for recruiting and onboarding audit staff and prioritizing the professional development of auditors to ensure positive and innovative audit cultures. 

A third course objective examines Innovative Audit Tools, New Methods, and Emergent Audit Topics. This objective explores exciting new tools, methods, and techniques that can help to elevate audit impact and value. The power of using data analytics to maximize audit impact will be showcased as a case example. The objective also includes assessing risk to identify and execute diverse audit types to address new and sensitive public sector risks.

The fourth course objective, Ensuring Performance Auditing Impact, defines “audit impact,” examines the nexus between effective project design and management and value add outcomes, reviews performance audit reporting standards including report quality control, explores techniques and ideas for telling the “audit story,” including tips and techniques for writing for impact.

Will learn icon What You Will Learn

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

• Understand key performance auditing concepts, risks, and threats
• Understand key Government Auditing Standards, including 2018 revisions
• Understand strategies, tools, and techniques for establishing strong audit cultures
• Understand ideas for ensuring professional satisfaction and sense of achievement
• Understand innovative audit tools and methodologies including the power of data analytics
• Understand risk assessment strategies for identifying and executing diverse audit types
• Understand approaches for assuring sufficient and appropriate evidence
• Effectively communicate audit results to ensure impact including non-traditional reporting approaches
• Understand how to execute follow-up and measure audit impact

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for public audit professionals managing and delivering statutory financial and investigative audits where Yellow Book standards are used.

Info icon Tuition Fees

With funding support from the United States Department of the Interior, Office of Insular Affairs, courses are available free of charge for government accountability professionals within the insular areas. The course fee is waived and there is no cost to register and attend, Professionals who do not meet the above criteria, please contact [email protected]


Susan Murphy

Kip R. Memmott

Salem, OR

Kip has approximately thirty years of auditing, consulting, and training experience at the international, federal, state, local government and private sector levels. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Utah and a Master of Arts degree with a certificate in Public History from Arizona State University, and is a graduate from the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government’s Executives in State and Local Government executive education program and has earned a Certificate in Public Leadership from the Brookings Institute. 


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